Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Timing is everything

Day three of my injectables cycle. It's amazing that I can pump my body full of hormones and not have any side effects. Fascinating...

In for blood work Friday morning to see how the follies are growing. My doctor thinks that early next week will be "O" day. Which could be a problem... DH might need to go out of town for work. What the hell?? I guess we're gonna have to get creative. It's so stressful to coordinate sex! Who ever would have thought? Like always, my husband is a trooper. He always says, "We'll make it work." Looking forward to the good old days... no more shots, no more doctors, no more catheters up the who-hoo. Aaaaaah... memories!

On a random note... American Idol ended tonight. I'm glad Jordin won. I think she's got a great voice. She's a big girl! She towered over Blake and Ryan. Maybe they're just really short...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

... and time goes by...

I have so much to be grateful for. Really, I do. But is it wrong to have a pity party now and then? I went to the dentist today for my routine 6 month cleaning. Every time I go to the dentist, they ask me the same question... are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? Once again, I answer, "Still trying." The same answer I gave them back in November. Prior to that, I took a year off from going to the dentist, just because I didn't want to be asked that question again, and give them the same, disappointing answer. I then came to my senses, and realized that I must make dental hygiene a priority!

Today was the second day of giving myself injections, to hopefully stimulate my ovaries to produce a few, but not too many, good quality follicles. Let us hope.

I realized that this time last year I was pregnant. I was hopeful. I was in love. My 3rd pregnancy lasted from the day I found out (May 8th), to the day it was confirmed that it had ended (June 6th). Here I am one year later, no further along in my journey.

I guess that really isn't completly true, though. I still don't have a baby in my arms, but I have changed as a person. I can only hope that, in the long run, it is for the better.

Perhaps by my next dentist appointment, I can tell them, "I'm finally pregnant, already!" A girl can dream!