Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mother's Guilt

Guilt. I don't remember ever really feeling guilty until I became a mother. Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Am I doing it right? Wrong? Too high-strung? Too laid-back? I just pray for grace as I do the best I can.

Then the second child finally came along. He is, well how should I put this, a needy little guy. Maybe I'm not tending to his needs as promptly as I did his brother's at this age? Speaking of his brother, am I spending enough time with him? I'm suppose to be reading more with him and practicing his handwriting. All hard to do with a baby at the teat.

I just realized I forgot my due date for my 4th pregnancy, which ended in September 2008 at 12 weeks. He would have been 1 on the 20th. A one year-old! And I forgot. My other two angels had due dates back in January, and they never crossed my mind. Sigh.

God grant me peace, serenity and grace.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worst blogger EVER!!

Hi! I found a few new addictions! No time to blog when I'm busy...

Facebooking... (enough said, it's that bad! Is Facebooking a verb??) After all, who has time to upload pictures to Facebook & a blog?

My new love... photography! Who wouldn't love to take pictures of these precious subjects...

And lastly, I've been working extra shifts to support my new found habit...

That is, buying Vera Bradley purses! Next up, Purple Punch diaper bag... oh yeah!